Saturday, July 4, 2020

Palo Alto firewall - Revert to the previous PAN-OS from Maintenance Mode

If the device boots into maintenance mode continuously, reverting or reinstalling PAN-OS may fix the issue. This document describes how to revert or reinstall PAN-OS from maintenance mode.

Steps1. Proceed to the Maintenance Recovery Tool.

2. Navigate and select Disk Image.

3. The current active version of PAN-OS and revertible version of OS will be available.

4. Select the appropriate action (revert/reinstall). Both revert and reinstall load PAN-OS on the alternate sysroot partition.

5. Once the revert/reinstall operation is complete, a message shows up if the action resulted in success or failure. Once the action succeeds, go ahead and reboot the device from the maintenance recovery tool.

6. The device can now reboot on the other sysroot partition with the reinstalled/reverted PAN-OS.

* Note: Be aware that the reverted PAN-OS uses the configuration that was stored with that PAN-OS image.

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