Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Online Network Tools for Network Engineers

Here are some useful tools for network engineers to use. All are available online for free.

  • IP Subnet Calculator

IPv6 Subnet Calculator (Zoho ManageEngine Site24x7)

  • Traceroute


Free Traceroute Test (Uptrends)

Free Network Trace Test (dotcom-monitor)

  • GeoIP Lookup


GeoIP2 Database Demo (MaxMind)


GeoIP Lookup Tool (UltraTools)

  • What is My IP Address?


What is my IP? (Uptrends)

* On macOS, you should be able to check your public IP address by the following command on the Terminal.

curl ifconfig.me

  • OUI (MAC addresses) Lookup Tool

Wireshark OUI Lookup

  • DNS Lookup Tools

DNS Lookup Tool (UltraTools)

DNS health check : find bugs on your domain (DnsChecker.org)

Check DNS Propagation (DnsChecker.org)

DNS Propagation Checker (whatsmydns.net)

  • Whois Lookup


ICANN Lookkup


  • Internet Speed and Latency Test




Xfinity Speed Test (Comcast)

FAST (Netflix)

  • Cloud Speed Test

▶ Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services Network Test (CloudHarmony)

▶ Microsoft Azure

▶ Google GCP

ping, traceroute available.  

Looking Glass - CenturyLink (AS3356, 3549)

Looking Glass - Cogent (AS174)

▶ Comcast Route Servers

ssh [email protected]
(username: rviewsxr, password: rviewsxr), AS7922
ping, traceroute available.  

▶ Equinix Route Servers

telnet route-views.eqix.routeviews.org
(no password), AS14609

▶ GTT Route Servers
Looking Glass - GTT (AS3257)

telnet route-server.ip4.gtt.net
(username: public, password: public), AS3257
ping, traceroute available.  

Looking Glass - Verizon (AS701)

Looking Glass - NTT (AS2194)

▶ Hurricane Electric Route Servers
Looking Glass - Hurricane Electric (AS6939)

telnet route-server.he.net
(no password) in Fremont, CA, AS6939

▶ University of Oregon Route Servers

telnet route-views.routeviews.org
telnet route-views2.routeviews.org
telnet route-views3.routeviews.org
telnet route-views4.routeviews.org
telnet route-views5.routeviews.org
telnet route-views6.routeviews.org
(no password), AS6447
ping, traceroute, show ip bgp neighbors available.  

* Tier 1 network (Wikipedia)

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