Sunday, July 5, 2020

Palo Alto firewall - How to downgrade or revert to the previous PAN-OS

The following procedures show how to revert or downgrade to a lower version of PAN-OS on the Palo Alto firewall.

Via the CLI, a revert command can be issued to restore to a previous version.

Note: This feature is not supported for Major upgrades (from 8.1.15 to 8.0.2), due to the logs and other databases modified during the upgrade. Instead, use the 'Re-Install' instructions below. It is recommended that you only use this 'restore' command when downgrading minor versions (from 8.1.15 to 8.1.14)

Step 1.
Verify that the previous PAN-OS version in use prior to the upgrade is still loaded on the partition and is revertable with the CLI command: debug swm status

debug swm status
[email protected]> debug swm status
Partition         State             Version
sysroot0          RUNNING-ACTIVE    8.1.15-h3
sysroot1          REVERTABLE        8.1.14-h2
maint              EMPTY             None

In this sample output, the device is running PAN-OS 8.1.15-h3 as indicated by the RUNNING-ACTIVE state. PAN-OS 8.1.14-h2 is the revertable option.

Step 2.
To boot from the partition in use prior to the upgrade, issue the command: debug swm revert.

Nothing will be un-installed and no configuration changes will be made, but the device will load with the previous PAN-OS version.

debug swm revert
[email protected]> debug swm revert

Reverting from 8.1.15-h3 (sysroot0) to 8.1.14-h2 (sysroot1)

To check on the current status:

debug swm status
[email protected]> debug swm status
Partition         State             Version
sysroot0          RUNNING-ACTIVE    8.1.15-h3
sysroot1          PENDING-REVERT    8.1.14-h2
maint             EMPTY             None

Step 3.
To reboot after this and to get back to the previous version:

request restart system
[email protected]> request restart system
Executing this command will disconnect the current session. Do you want to continue? (y or n) y

Step 4.
Reload the saved config file.

  • Reinstall

1. If the previous version is no longer available to revert, re-install (no download required) your last PAN-OS version. Perform this step in the GUI by clicking "install" on an older version of the software.
2. Reboot the device.

3. Reload the saved config file.

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