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What is ExtremeLocation Essentials?

ExtremeLocation Essentials is a scalable, cloud-based location and analytics solutions from Extreme Networks. With real-time location and analytics, you can engage with your customers providing personalized experience for guests and visitors. ExtremeLocation Essentials can also be used to monitor your workflows and assets to improve your overall operation and efficiency.

<ExtremeLocation Essentials Dashboard>

Extreme Networks' Essentials Services are provided as cloud service for ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) Pilot subscribers. No additional hardware or software required. It's all included with Pilot subscription.

  • Which services are part of XIQ-Essentials?

▶ ExtremeAirDefense Essentials

     Wireless Threat Detection & Management

▶ ExtremeLocation Essentials

     WiFi & BLE Location Tracking and Analytics

▶ ExtremeGuest Essentials

     Advanced Guest Management

▶ ExtremeIoT Essentials

     Simplified IoT Security

▶ ExtremeCompliance Essentials

     Automated & Comprehensive Compliance Testing for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR

※ ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials for the Infinite Enterprise
   (YouTube, 22:01)

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  • ExtremeLocation Essentials Supported Devices

AP302W, AP305C/CX, AP410C, AP460C, AP460S, AP510C

ExtremeLocation Essentials offers a range of accurate and granular location accuracy to address your deployment scenarios. Here are supported features and use cases.

  • ExtremeLocation Essentials Overview

Introducing ExtremeLocation Essentials
(YouTube, 4:18)

▶ ExtremeLocation Features and Technical Specifications

  • Features

✓ Presence
✓ Zone Tracking
✓ Asset Tracking (Wi-Fi & BLE)
✓ Asset Workflow monitoring
✓ Crowding
✓ BSS tracking
✓ Heat Maps - Client count & Dwell Time
✓ Category Creation
✓ Customizable Threshold for Tracking & Analytics
✓ Customizable Dashboard
   - 36 Analytics
✓ Webhooks

  • Supported Use Cases

▶ Asset Tracking
- High valued assets
- Shared assets
- BLE tags enable cost-effective tracking for unconnected assets

▶ User Tracking
- Tracking staff/assosicates/students/shoppers

▶ Crowd Monitoring
- Space utilization
- Staff distribution
- Customer experience

▶ Business Insights
- Site comparison
- Zone comparison
- Visit trends
- Traffic flow
- New vs Repeated users

▶ BLE Engagement
- Deliver experience based on proximity

  • Setup and User Guide

ExtremeLocation Essentials Documentation

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