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What is Extreme AirDefense Essentials?

    • WIPS/Extreme AirDefense

    A Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) is a network device that monitors the radio spectrum for the presence of unauthorized wireless Access Points (intrusion detection), and can automatically take countermeasures (intrusion prevention).

    Extreme AirDefense solution (aka, AirDefense Services Platform; ADSP) is a complete suite of WIPS solutions delivered on a dedicated server at your site. An extensive threat library and customizable policy settings that come with it let the system respond automatically to approximately 200 wireless threats.

    <Extreme AirDefense Dashboard>

    • Extreme AirDefense Essentials

    Extreme AirDefense Essentials is an essential version of the Extreme AirDefense solution, a cloud-based management tool you can use to configure, implement and review security protocols that evaluate and monitor threat detection for devices in your network.

    Extreme AirDefense Essentials displays various data and statistics for the locations managed in your network including. Use it to track alarms detected through the life cycle and view documented details, such as whether alarms are currently active or inactive, the types of alarm categories, Live and Expired alarms details and the total number of alarms detected in Extreme AirDefense Essentials.

    <ExtremeAirDefense Essentials>

    • AirDefense Deployment Options

    Extreme Networks provides several different deployment options as below.

    ▶ AirDefense Services Platform (ADSP):

    On-premise full-feature Wireless IDS/IPS solution

    ▶ AirDefense Essentials:

    Could-based essential version of the ADSP

    ▶ AirDefense Base:

    Lightweight solution offers a small subset of the capabilities provided in ADSP “standalone” solution and can be installed as a docker in Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) to provide basic WIDS/WIPS functionality - without any additional cost or license.

    Extreme Networks' Essentials Services are provided as cloud service for ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) Pilot subscribers. No additional hardware or software required. It's all included with XIQ Pilot subscription.

    • Which services are part of XIQ-Essentials?

    ▶ ExtremeAirDefense Essentials

         Wireless Threat Detection & Management

    ▶ ExtremeLocation Essentials

         WiFi & BLE Location Tracking and Analytics

    ▶ ExtremeGuest Essentials

         Advanced Guest Management

    ▶ ExtremeIoT Essentials

         Simplified IoT Security

    ▶ ExtremeCompliance Essentials

         Automated & Comprehensive Compliance Testing for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR

    ※ ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials for the Infinite Enterprise
       (YouTube, 22:01)

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    • Extreme AirDefense Essentials Supported Devices

    AP302W, AP305C/CX, AP410C, AP460C, AP460S, AP510C/CX

    • Extreme AirDefense/AirDefense Essentials Overview

    Introducing AirDefense Essentials
    (YouTube, 1:32)

    Extreme AirDefense Essentials - Tips & Tricks
    (YouTube, 23:10)

    Extreme AirDefense Overview
    (YouTube, 23:10)

    Securing Wireless Networks with AirDefense
    (YouTube, 1:26:32)

    • Extreme AirDefense Essentials Features

    ✓ Rogue AP Detection
    ✓ Rogue Client Detection
    ✓ Rogue AP Termination
    ✓ Wireless Threat Detection - 42 threats
    ✓ Dedicated wireless security dashboard
    ✓ Centralized view to analyze threat scores across all locations
    ✓ Threat Analysis
    ✓ Alarm Lifecycle Management
    ✓ Intuitive Help to understand impact of each Alarm and provide recommendations

    • Supported Use Cases

    ▶ Network Protection
    Protection against Rogues

    ▶ Monitor Air Space
    Wireless threats impacting Quality of Experience (QoE)

    ▶ Security Assessment
    Site comparison based on risk factor

    ▶ Threat Analysis
    Expert help to understand threat impact

    • Setup and User Guide

    Extreme AirDefense Essentials Documentation
    AP410C sensor setting for AirDefense Essentials

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