Saturday, January 14, 2023

ChatGPT competitor emerges - Anthropic's Claude

My Thoughts

  • As a competitor to ChatGPT, start-up Anthropic has launched an artificial intelligence system called Claude.
  • Still in closed beta, but receiving $700M in funding.
  • Opinions of those who tested the comparison are that Claude tries to answer in more detail than ChatGPT.
  • Claude was good in areas such as jokes, but overall ChatGPT still seemed to dominate.
  • ChatGPT’s huge popularity makes it more likely that similar competitors or services will emerge.
  • ChatGPT is preparing for a paid version along with the paid version Professional, and it is expected that money will flow to the AI market as competitors emerge.


  • Anthropic, a startup co-founded by former OpenAI employees, develops an AI system similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
  • The system, called Claude, is currently in closed beta.
  • Created using a technology called Constitutional AI
    • Construct AI provides a “principle-based” approach to matching AI systems with human intent, allowing ChatGPT-like AI to answer questions using a simple set of principles as a guide.
    • The approximately 10 principles that shape this construct AI are based on the concepts of benevolence (maximizing positive impact), non-maliciousness (avoiding harmful advice), and autonomy (respecting freedom of choice).
  • Claude learned the probabilities of words occurring based on patterns, such as the semantic context of the surrounding text, from the huge number of text examples pulled from the web.
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT vs. AnthropicAI’s Claude Comparison
    • Asked to Compare Himself to Machines from Science Fiction ‘The Cyberiad’ Asked to Write Poetry - Related Twitter
    • Comparing Stanford AI Lab PhD Students - Related Twitter
    • Both are similar, but Claude tries to be more helpful, follows requests more closely, and is better at writing in English. Worst coding, worst French, longer response.
  • AI researcher Dan Elton’s Claude vs. ChatGPT vs. Amazon Alexa Comparison - Related Twitter
    • Claude jokes better than ChatGPT.
    • Claude is worse at math and coding than ChatGPT.


Anthropic’s Claude improves on ChatGPT but still suffers from limitations | TechCrunch



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