Saturday, April 2, 2022

Google AdMob account login error

I have received an email from Google saying that my AdMob account has been deactivated. I haven't been using AdMob.

Email subject: Your AdMob account has been deactivated: pub-1234567890123456

  • Symptom

So I tried to log in to the Google AdMob site - - to reactivate the account on the Chrome browser. However, I kept failing with the following error message.

"An error occurred. Please try again later."

That's strange. I was able to sign in to Google AdSense with the same credentials.
I attempted with other accounts and even tried in Incognito mode. That was no luck.

  • Solution

I found a solution through multiple trials and errors. As I am a Mac user, I tried this on Safari. Voila! It worked seamlessly.

The following URL gives you instructions on how to reactivate your AdMob account.
About deactivated AdMob accounts

However, I couldn't find any checkbox on the AdMob menu, so I just put my phone number.
A day later, I got an email saying it was approved.

I posted this article because I couldn't find a solution to this error in any search engines.
Hope this helps!

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