Sunday, July 18, 2021

Extreme Wireless - How to disconnect a client from an AP in XIQ

There are two options to disconnect a client device (aka, disassociate) from an AP in ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ).

  • Option 1. via CLI Commands

▶ Option 1-1. via CLI Commands on XIQ

On ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ), go to Manage -> Devices -> Select an AP -> Actions -> Advanced -> CLI Access

※ Before you clear a system's MAC address, you may need to check with the client if it's connected to the AP. The following command gives you information about the client's MAC address, IP address, Hostname, OS, etc.
_show rt-sta

AH_AP410C_1#_show rt-sta
counter[DC_AUTH_METHOD_OPEN (Open)]=0
counter[DC_AUTH_METHOD_WEB (Open+CWP)]=0
counter[DC_ENCRYPT_OPEN (Open)]=0
counter[DC_ENCRYPT_MANUAL_WEP (Manual WEP)]=0
counter[DC_ENCRYPT_DYNAMIC_WEP (Dynamic WEP)]=0
MAC            UserName                         Hostname                         IP and IPv6      OS_INFO(Method)
acbc:32b3:d119                                  emp                        unknown(DHCP)
bcd0:744a:8380                                MAC-AM             unknown(DHCP)
9aef:40d1:6aee                                                                     Apple iOS(DHCP)

Execute one of the following commands. The 'clear auth station mac <macaddr>' command will disassociate a specific station.

clear auth roaming-cache mac <macaddr>
→ roaming-cache: Clear all entries from the roaming cache, which contains authentication information for stations currently connected to neighboring hive members

clear auth roaming-cache mac <macaddr> hive-all
→ hive-all: Clear the MAC address from the local roaming cache and from the roaming caches of all hive members

clear auth local-cache mac <macaddr>
→ local-cache: Clear all entries from the local cache, which contains authentication information for stations currently connected to the local HiveAP

clear auth station mac <macaddr>
→ station: Clear authentication information for a specific station

▶ Option 1-2. via CLI Commands with SSH into AP

Use an ssh client in Windows or a Terminal program in macOS to ssh into an AP directly.

ssh [email protected] (macOS)

And then use the same commands stated as above Option 1-1.

  • Optioin 2. via GUI on XIQ

On ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ), go to ML Insights -> Network 360 Monitor -> Topology -> Right click on the AP and click 'Disconnect' on the client.

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