Saturday, November 14, 2020

StackStorm and Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC)

  • StackStorm

Extreme Networks acquired StackStorm when it bought Brocade’s data center assets. In 2019, Extreme Networks handed over governance of StackStorm, its open-source workflow automation platform, to the Linux Foundation.

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Extreme Networks Contributes Advanced Functionality to the Linux Foundation’s StackStorm Project

▶ StackStorm 101

StackStorm 101 - Event-Driven Automation
(YouTube, 05:01)

StackStorm 101 (v0.12)
(YouTube, 20:18)

▶ StackStorm users

Cisco, NASA, Netflix, Target, Pearson, Verizon, Bitovi, NL-ix, Dimension Data, Encore

  • Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC)

Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC) is the commercial solution available from Extreme and based on the open-source project Stackstorm. A great use case for cross-domain and closed-loop automation can be found here: Use Case – Verizon Digital Media Services with their project Crayfish.

▶ Extreme Network Workflow Composer Zero Touch Provisioning Demonstration

(YouTube video, 6:24)

▶ Extreme Networks Demo: Automated Tenant Provisioning with Ram Golla

(YouTube video, 20:39)

▶ Extreme Networks Demo: Automated Detection Remediation DDoS Attacks with Yousuf Hasan (Tech Field Day)

(YouTube video, 27:36)

▶ Extreme Workflow manual

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