Saturday, November 14, 2020

StackStorm and Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC)

  • StackStorm

Extreme Networks acquired StackStorm when it bought Brocade’s data center assets. In 2019, Extreme Networks handed over governance of StackStorm, its open-source workflow automation platform, to the Linux Foundation.

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Extreme Gifts StackStorm to Linux Foundation (SDxCentral)
Extreme Networks Contributes Advanced Functionality to the Linux Foundation’s StackStorm Project

▶ StackStorm 101

StackStorm 101 - Event-Driven Automation
(YouTube, 05:01)

StackStorm 101 (v0.12)
(YouTube, 20:18)

▶ StackStorm Users

Cisco, NASA, Netflix, Target, Pearson, Verizon, Bitovi, NL-ix, Dimension Data, Encore

▶ StackStorm Use Cases

✓ Verizon Digital Media Services
A great use case for cross-domain and closed-loop automation can be found here: Use Case – Verizon Digital Media Services with their project Crayfish.

✓ Netflix

▶ StackStorm Documentation and Community

For more information on StackStorm, the best place to visit is the project’s documentation, as well as the free Slack channel, where there’s almost always someone on hand ready to answer any questions, share ideas, and solve problems.

  • Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC)

Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC) is the commercial solution available from Extreme and based on the open-source project Stackstorm. In 2020, Extreme Networks also donated their Extreme Workflow Composer to the Linux Foundation, thus allowing the StackStorm community to integrate its features in the core StackStorm product.

▶ Extreme Network Workflow Composer Zero Touch Provisioning Demonstration

(YouTube video, 6:24)

▶ Extreme Networks Demo: Automated Tenant Provisioning with Ram Golla

(YouTube video, 20:39)

▶ Extreme Networks Demo: Automated Detection Remediation DDoS Attacks with Yousuf Hasan (Tech Field Day)

(YouTube video, 27:36)

▶ Extreme Workflow manual

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