Saturday, November 7, 2020

Microsoft AutoUpdate "An update is already in progress" error on macOS

● Problem

Sometimes, you get the following error message when you tried to use the AutoUpdate tool to check for Microsoft Office updates.

● Solution 1)

Even a Microsoft agent at the Microsoft Community didn't provide the right solution for this error, saying that you can download an up-to-date version of Outlook from this page as a workaround or reboot your Mac.

▶ Here is a fix for you:

Close all Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Excel, Word, OneDrive, etc., and then click 'Check for Updates'. It will update the AutoUpdate tool.

● Solution 2)

Sometimes, the Microsoft AutoUpdate fails to update itself.

▶ Here is a fix for you:

Run the 'ActiveMonitor' and kill the 'Microsoft Update Assistant' process. Then it will make you update the Microsoft AutoUpdate.

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