Saturday, November 7, 2020

Microsoft AutoUpdate "An update is already in progress" error on macOS

● Problem

Sometimes, you get the following error message when you tried to use the AutoUpdate tool to check for Microsoft Office updates.

● Solution 1)

Even a Microsoft agent at the Microsoft Community didn't provide the right solution for this error, saying that you can download an up-to-date version of Outlook from this page as a workaround or reboot your Mac.

▶ Here is a fix for you:

Close all Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Excel, Word, OneDrive, etc., and then click 'Check for Updates'. It will update the AutoUpdate tool.

● Solution 2)

Sometimes, the Microsoft AutoUpdate fails to update itself.

▶ Here is a fix for you:

Run the 'ActiveMonitor' and kill the 'Microsoft Update Assistant' process. Then it will make you update the Microsoft AutoUpdate.


xx said...

Thank you! This worked and was super helpful in having pictures to follow along with.

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