Saturday, October 31, 2020

Extreme Switch - Extreme Fabric Automation (EFA)

Extreme Networks' Extreme Fabric Automation (EFA) is a simple, embedded fabric automation tool running in the SLX Guest VM (called TPVM, Third Party Virtual Machine). It was called Embedded Fabric Automation at Brocade, but later it changed its name to Extreme Fabric Automation.

The EFA configures Data Center Fabric underlay and overlay networks with one simple CLI command. It takes less than 10 seconds.

▶ Extreme Fabric Automation in Your Data Center

(YouTube video, 27:42)

▶ Embedded Fabric Automation

(YouTube video, 2:59)

▶ Extreme Fabric Automation Documents

  • EFA Commands

root@tpvm: efa fabric configure --spine, --leaf,,,

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