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Extreme Switch - How to disable STP and Default VLAN

I don't think you want to run the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) these days unless there is a compelling reason. Extreme Switch supports MLAG protocol well, so you do not need to run an STP protocol for uplink redundancy.
Also, you may want to disable the Default VLAN (1) because you usually create VLANs such as data100, voice100, etc.

● Disable STP

As you see below, the Default VLAN (1) is a member of STP Domain, and it shows as 'T' flag. I will show you how to remove STP from Default VLAN and disable the Default VLAN.

Switch# show vlan
Untagged ports auto-move: Inform
Name            VID  Protocol Addr       Flags                         Proto  Ports  Virtual
                                                                              Active router
Default         1    --------------------------------T-------------    ANY    0 /54  VR-Default
Mgmt            4095  --------------------------    ANY    1 /1   VR-Mgmt
Flags : (B) BFD Enabled, (c) 802.1ad customer VLAN, (C) EAPS Control VLAN,
        (d) Dynamically created VLAN, (D) VLAN Admin Disabled,
        (E) ESRP Enabled, (f) IP Forwarding Enabled,
        (F) Learning Disabled, (i) ISIS Enabled,
        (I) Inter-Switch Connection VLAN for MLAG, (k) PTP Configured,
        (l) MPLS Enabled, (L) Loopback Enabled, (m) IPmc Forwarding Enabled,
        (M) Translation Member VLAN or Subscriber VLAN, (n) IP Multinetting Enabled,
        (N) Network Login VLAN, (o) OSPF Enabled, (O) Virtual Network Overlay,
        (p) PIM Enabled, (P) EAPS protected VLAN, (r) RIP Enabled,
        (R) Sub-VLAN IP Range Configured, (s) Sub-VLAN, (S) Super-VLAN,
        (t) Translation VLAN or Network VLAN, (T) Member of STP Domain,
        (v) VRRP Enabled, (V) VPLS Enabled, (W) VPWS Enabled,
        (Y) Policy Enabled

▶ Remove all ports from Default VLAN

We will not use the Default VLAN, so we need to remove all ports from VLAN default.

configure vlan Default delete ports all

EXOS 22.4+, when you delete vlan default from STPD s0, it doesn't remove the STP flag from the Vlan whereas, on EXOS versions below <22.4, it removes the STP tag from vlan default and hence you can disable the vlan default once it has no association with L2 protocol.
Follow sequence of commands in order to disable vlan Default:

▶ Disable STP auto-bind VLAN

disable stpd s0 auto-bind vlan Default

▶ Remove ports from the STP domain

The disable port on stp command puts the ports in disable state for the stp domain, however it would not be removed from the stp domain.

To remove the ports from stp domain we need execute the following command

Command: configure stpd <stp domain name> delete vlan <vlan name> ports <port list>

▷ Example:
configure stpd s0 delete vlan Default ports all

▶ Disable STP domain

disable stpd s0

Switch # show stpd s0
Stpd: s0        Stp: DISABLED        Number of Ports: 0
Rapid Root Failover: Disabled
Operational Mode: MSTP            Default Binding Mode: 802.1D

● Disable Default VLAN

disable vlan Default

Switch # disable vlan Default
Error: VLAN Default cannot be disabled because it is configured for an L2 Protocol

If you see the above error and still see the Default VLAN's flag as 'T,' then reboot the switch.

After rebooting, the T flag will be disappeared.
Now, you should be able to disable Default VLAN and the T flag will be changed to D (Disabled) flag as below.

Switch # disable vlan Default
Switch # show vlan
Untagged ports auto-move: Inform
Name VID Protocol Addr Flags Proto Ports Virtual
Active router
Default 1 --------------------D------------------------- ANY 0 /0 VR-Default
marketing 100 ---------------------------------------------- ANY 0 /0 VR-Default
Mgmt 4095 -------------------------- ANY 1 /1 VR-Mgmt

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