Thursday, October 22, 2020

ExtemeCloud A3 - How to access A3 Console on ESXi

When the installation is finished on the ESXi with the OVA file, you can navigate to your A3 virtual machine under Virtual Machines to view the VM settings.

Click the black box to open the browser console window. If the display appears as below, then A3 has not been assigned a DHCP address from your network and you must set up A3’s basic networking yourself.

From the console, enter:

Username: netcfg
Password: aerohive

Enter ? to see the basic help screen.

Enter the following commands to set up your network using parameters applicable to the network that A3 is installed in.

network ip
network netmask
network gateway
network dns
show network

Verify your settings in the display.

Enter the following: 


The display should appear as below. Note the address shown in that window. This is the IP address assigned to the A3 instance by DHCP from your assigned server or configured it manually.

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