Friday, October 30, 2020

Extreme Switch - EXOS CLI Scripting

EXOS CLI Scripting is a powerful tool that allows you to create a list of commands that you can execute manually with a single command or automatically when a special event occurs. It supports variables and functions and allows you to automate switch management significantly.

ExtremeXOS Concepts Guide Software Version 15.4 (PDF download)
Please refer to Chapter 8: Using CLI Scripting (page 360).

There are many examples of CLI Scripting on the Github site below.
EXOS CLI Scripting (

Please watch the YouTube videos below; you can learn the EXOS Scripting.

ExtremeXOS Scripting Basics Part 1

ExtremeXOS Scripting Basics Part 2 (YouTube, 9:25)

ExtremeXOS Scripting Basics Part 3 (YouTube, 9:43)

ExtremeXOS: Advanced Scripting - Part 1 (YouTube, 8:04)

ExtremeXOS: Advanced Scripting - Part 2 (YouTube, 8:56)

ExtremeXOS: Advanced Scripting - Part 3 (YouTube, 8:59)

ExtremeXOS: Advanced Scripting - Part 4 (YouTube, 8:03)

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