Saturday, September 12, 2020

Extreme Switch - How to configure DHCP Server in EXOS

Here is a step-by-step procedure to configure the DHCP server with a VLAN in the EXOS switch.

Step 1. Create and configure a VLAN with IP address and Ports

create vlan vlan_name    
configure vlan vlan_name ipaddress address/mask

exos-switch# create vlan DHCP_Server

exos-switch# configure vlan DHCP_Server ipaddress
IP interface for VLAN DHCP_Server has been created.

exos-switch# configure vlan DHCP_Server add ports 1-10
 Port 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 untagged has been auto-moved from VLAN "Default" to "DHCP_Server".

Step 2. Enable DHCP client ports with the VLAN

    enable dhcp ports port_list vlan vlan_name

exos-switch# enable dhcp ports 1-10 vlan DHCP_Server

Step 3. Configure DHCP address range with the VLAN

    configure vlan vlan_name dhcp-address-range start_addr - end_addr

exos-switch# configure vlan DHCP_Server dhcp-address-range -

Step 4. Configure DHCP options with the VLAN

    configure vlan vlan_name dhcp-options default-gateway gateway_addr
    configure vlan vlan_name dhcp-options dns-server dns_addr

exos-switch# configure vlan DHCP_Server dhcp-options default-gateway
exos-switch# configure vlan DHCP_Server dhcp-options dns-server primary
exos-switch# configure vlan DHCP_Server dhcp-options dns-server secondary

Step 5. Check the DHCP configuration

exos-switch# show dhcp-server
VLAN "DHCP_Server":
    DHCP Address Range   :>
    Netlogin Lease Timer : Not configured (Default = 10 seconds)
    DHCP Lease Timer     : Not configured (Default = 7200 seconds)
    Default Gateway      :
    Primary DNS Server   :
    Secondary DNS Server :
    Ports DHCP Enabled   : 1-10

Step 6. (Optional) Configure the DHCP lease timer

The DHCP lease timer can be changed as follows. This example shows a change from the default 2 hours to 8 hours.

exos-switch# configure vlan DHCP_Server dhcp-lease-timer 28800

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