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Palo Alto firewall - CLI Commands Cheat Sheet

    Here are PAN-OS CLI commands.

    • Device Management

    ※ CLI Cheat Sheet: Device Management (PAN-OS CLI Quick Start)

    show system info
    show system disk-space
    show system logdb-quota
    show system software status

    ▶ Display CPU information

     show system resources
    - shows MP CPU

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    - shows dataplane CPU

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    request license info
    show jobs processed

    show session info
    show session all
    show session all filter
    show session meter
    show session id session-id
    clear session id 12345

    show running security-policy
    less mp-log authd.log
    request restart system
    show admins
    show admins all
    delete admin-sessions username
    set deviceconfig system type dhcp-client accept-dhcp-domain accept-dhcp-hostname send-client-id send-hostname

    • Policies

    ▶ Security

    set system setting arp-cache-timeout
    show system setting arp-cache-timeout

    ▶ NAT

    - Show the NAT policy table:
    show running nat-policy

    - Test the NAT policy:
    test nat-policy-match

    - Show NAT pool utilization:
    show running ippool
    show running global-ippool

    ▶ PBF

    show pbf rule name <value>
    show pbf rule all
    show pbf return-mac name <value>
    show pbf return-mac all

    • Networking

    ※ CLI Cheat Sheet: Networking (PAN-OS CLI Quick Start)

    ▶ System

    set system setting arp-cache-timeout
    show system setting arp-cache-timeout

    ▶ VPN (IPSec)

    show vpn flow
    show vpn gateway
    show vpn ike-sa
    show vpn ipsec-sa
    show vpn tunnel
    test vpn ike-sa gateway
    test vpn ipsec-sa tunnel

    ▶ Routing

    show routing route
    show routing fib virtual-router name | match x.x.x.x

    show routing bfd active-profile []
    show routing bfd details [interface ] [local-ip ] [multihop][peer-ip ] [session-id] [virtual-router ]
    show routing bfd drop-counters session-id
    show counter global | match bfd
    clear routing bfd counters session-id all |
    clear routing bfd session-state session-id all |

    set session pvst-native-vlan-id
    set session drop-stp-packet
    show vlan all
    show counter global

    ▶ Troubleshooting

    ping host destination-ip-address
    ping source ip-address-on-dataplane host destination-ip-address
    traceroute host remote host
    show netstat statistics yes

    • User-ID

    ※ CLI Cheat Sheet: User-ID (PAN-OS CLI Quick Start)

    debug user-id log-ip-user-mapping yes
    debug user-id log-ip-user-mapping no
    show user user-id-agent state all
    show user server-monitor state all
    show user server-monitor statistics
    show user user-id-agent config name
    show user group-mapping statistics
    show user group-mapping state all
    show user group list
    show user group name
    show user ip-user-mapping all
    show user ip-user-mapping all | match \\
    show user ip-user-mapping ip
    show user user-ids
    show log userid datasourcename equal direction equal backward
    show log userid datasourcetype equal
    show log userid datasourcetype equal kerberos
    show log userid datasource equal
    show log userid datasourcetype equal xml-api
    show user email-lookup
    show user email-lookup base "DC=lab,DC=sg,DC=acme,DC=local" bind-dn "CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=lab,DC=sg,DC=acme,DC=local" bind-password acme use-ssl no email [email protected] mail-attribute mail server server-port 389 labsg\user1
    clear user-cache all
    clear user-cache ip

    • HA

    ※ CLI Cheat Sheet: HA (PAN-OS CLI Quick Start)

    show high-availability cluster all
    show high-availability cluster flap-statistics
    show high-availability cluster ha4-status
    show high-availability cluster ha4-backup-status
    show high-availability cluster session-synchronization
    show high-availability cluster state
    show high-availability cluster statistics
    clear high-availability cluster statistics
    request high-availability cluster clear-cache
    request high-availability cluster sync-from
    show high-availability interface ha2 | match bytes
    request high-availability state suspend

    • VSYS

    ※ CLI Cheat Sheet: VSYS (PAN-OS CLI Quick Start)

    show system info | match vsys
    set system setting target-vsys ?
    set system setting target-vsys vsys-name
    set system setting target-vsys vsys2
    show session meter
    show user ip-user-mapping all
    set system setting target-vsys none

    • Panorama

    ※ CLI Cheat Sheet: Panorama (PAN-OS CLI Quick Start)

    show system info | match system-mode
    request system system-mode logger
    request system system-mode panurldb
    request system system-mode panorama
    request system system-mode legacy

    set cli config-output-mode set
    show device-group branch-offices
    set panorama [off | on]
    request high-availability sync-to-remote [running-config | candidate-config]
    request batch reboot [devices | log-collectors]
    set dlsrvr poll-interval

    show devicegroups name
    show templates name
    show config pushed-shared-policy
    show config pushed-template

    debug log-collector log-collection-stats show incoming-logs
    debug log-collector log-collection-stats show log-forwarding-stats
    show logging-status device
    clear log [acc | alarm | config | hipmatch | system | threat | traffic]

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