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Top 10 Network Vendors

Network World selected the top 10 network vendors with strong positions in enterprise networking 2020.

I will continue to monitor industry trends in the future and update additional information or changes.

Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure (September 2019)

First, looking at the 'Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure' field of the Gartner Magic Guadrant, which is used as an indicator of market and vendor status in the IT industry. Cisco, HPE, and Extreme Networks are in the Leaders group, and the Challengers group is empty, and Juniper and Huawei are positioning in the Visionaries group.
Arista, a strong player in the data center network sector, is missing as they don't have a wireless solution.
However, Arista is included in Network World's 'Top 10 Most Powerful Network Vendors' list below.

* Note: The position of the Gartner Magic Quadrant is upgraded in the following order: Niche Players -> Visionaries-> Challengers-> Leaders.

1. Cisco Systems

Cisco still ranks first in the network industry. It accounts for 51% of the Ethernet switch market and 37% of service provider and enterprise router sales.

In the wireless market, including Meraki, which acquired Meraki, ranked first with 44.6%, followed by HPE-Aruba with 13.9%.

▶ Mergers and acquisitions
List of acquisitions by Cisco Systems ( Wikipedia , Cisco )  
▷ May 2020, ThousandEyes, (Internet and Cloud Intelligent Platform)  
▷ August 2018, Duo Security (Cloud-based Cybersecurity)  
▷ May 2017, Viptela (SD- WAN)  
▷ January 2017, AppDynamics (Application Performance Management)  
▷ November 2012, Meraki (Wired & Wireless Cloud Networking)  
▶ Major products and services  
✓ Switching: Catalyst, Meraki, Nexus, MDS)  
✓ Routing: ISR, ASR , NCS  
✓ Wireless: APs (Catalyst, Aeronet, Meraki), Wireless Controllers, Meraki  
✓ Cloud: Cisco CloudCenter Suite, Cisco Container Platform  
✓ Software: AMP for Endpoints, AppDynamics, Data Center, Duo, Stealthwatch Cloud, Umbrella, Webex  
▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
Cisco's switching and routing market is not growing. Market share is being eroded by competitors. Therefore, Cisco is working to increase sales in software, subscription services, and security.

2. HPE(Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

After the spin-off from HP to HPE, HPE has acquired a wireless solutions company Aruba Networks, successfully integrating and strengthening the wireless field. Recently, it also acquired an SD-WAN company Silver Peak.

List of acquisitions by HP ( Wikipedia  HPE )
▷  July 2020,   Silver Peak Systems (SD-WAN)
▷ May 2015, Aruba Networks (Wireless)

▶ Major products and services

✓ Switching: Aruba CX, HPE OfficeConnect
✓ Wireless: Aruba APs, Controllers
✓ Software: ArubaOS NOS, Aruba SD-WAN Software, Aruba Central (unified cloud-based platform)
✓ SD-WAN: Silver Peak Systems

▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
HPE is well integrated with Aruba and You belong to a leader group.

3. Extreme Networks

Extreme acquired Zebra, Avaya, Brocade, Aerohive Networks, with a broad portfolio of wired, wireless and cloud-based network management, AI, and network automation. Extreme is a company that has both wired and wireless solutions, along with Cisco and HPE.
 List of acquisitions by Extreme Networks ( Wikipedia  Extreme )  
▷  June 2019, Aerohive Networks, cloud-managed WLAN
▷  March 2017,   Brocade-Vyatta, Foundry Networks, StackStorm
▷  March 2017, Avaya-Nortel, Bay Networks
▷  October 2016,   Zebra (Zebra Technologies)-Motorola Solutions, Symbol
▷  September 2013,   Enterasys Networks-Cabletron

▶ Major Products and Services
✓ Switching: Summit (Extreme), VSP, ERS (Avaya) , SLX, MLX, VDX (Brocade)

✓ Routing: SLX, MLX, CER 
✓ Wireless: APs, Controller, Cloud-based Wireless Solution (Aerohive)
✓ Cloud: ExtremeCloud IQ, ExtremeCloud A3,
✓ Software: ExtremeAnalytics, ExtremeControl, ExtremeLocation, ExtremeDefender for IOT, ExtremeCompliance, ExtremeGuest, Extreme AirDefense, Session Director, Visibility Manager, Virtual Packet Broker and Virtual TAP, Network Packet Broker

▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
Extreme acquired many networking vendors and joined in the network leader group.

4. Juniper Networks

Juniper acquired Mist, and applying Mist's AI solutions to the cloud, data center, wireless and SD-WAN environments.
 List of acquisitions by Juniper Networks ( Wikipedia , Juniper )
▷  March 2019, Mist Systems-cloud-managed WLAN
▷  July 2005, Peribit Networks-WAN optimization
▷  April 2004, NetScreen Technologies-Firewall

▶ Major Products and Services

✓ Switching: EX, QFX
✓ Routing: MX, PTX, ACX, CTP, JRR200
✓ Wireless: APs, Controller (Mist)
✓ Security: SRX/vSRX firewalls, cSRX Container Firewall
✓ Software: Contrail, NorthStar Controller/Planner, WANDL IP/MPLS View

▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
Juniper's market share in the next-gen firewall industry is losing by Palo Alto Networks, and the network business is not growing. However, Juniper still shows up as a leader in the service provider market. Juniper entered the wireless market with Mist's acquisition, but the integration remains an uncertainty.

5. Huawei
Huawei is in the middle of a power struggle between the U.S. and China, and it has been hit hard recently. United States introduced a new set of rules that prohibit foreign chipmakers that rely on U.S. technology from selling any chips to Huawei without first obtaining a special license. Now, even Taiwan's largest semiconductor company TSMC has stopped supplying parts to Huawei.
According to IDC, Ethernet switch revenue was up 7.8% in 2019, giving Huawei 9.6% market share for the full year. Huawei's enterprise and service provider router revenue rose 4.1% for the full year, giving the company 29.8% market share.
▶ Mergers and acquisitions

▶ Major products and services
 Huawei Products and Solutions  
▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
Huawei CEO expressed that the company has entered a state of war. Huawei is TSMC's second-largest client only after Apple, and TSMC has already stopped accepting new orders from Huawei. As of July 2020, Huawei can survive for only about a year.

6. EMC (Dell EMC)

Dell acquired a storage company EMC four years ago, and also owns VMware (86.6% stock), offering storage, server, cloud management, virtualization, SD-WAN, and HCI solutions.
In September 2020, they sold their RSA Security to STG.  
 List of acquisitions by Dell ( Wikipedia , Dell )
▷ October 2015, EMC (server, storage)
▷ April 2012, SonicWALL (Software Security, VPN)
▷ July 2011, Force10 (Data Center Ethernet Switch)

▶ Major Products and Services
 Dell EMC Products

▶  AnalysisMan's Thought 
Dell acquired a network switch company Force10 in August 2011. However, Dell has a strong presence in the server and storage market, so the networking area is growing slowly.
In November 2019, the all-in-one product Dell EMC PowerOne was released. This solution integrates the Dell product line and cloud management toolset, such as server, storage, network, and data protection solutions.
It implements a 'datacenter-as-a-service' by automating component configuration and provisioning using Kubernetes' microservice architecture and Ansible workflow.

7. Arista Networks

Arista has continued to gain market share against Cisco by focusing on switches for data center and hyperscale cloud providers. Arista provides network monitoring, automation, and analysis solutions for hybrid cloud environments. Arista recently announced that its switches will be able to run Microsoft's Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONIC) OS. 
According to Crehan, Arista's market share in high-speed data center switching in the first half of 2019 is 18.8%. (Cisco 46.6%)

▶ Mergers & Acquisitions
 February 2020, Big Switch Networks (Cloud, Data Center Networking)  
▶ Major Products and Services  
✓ Arista EOS/cEOS/vEOS Router
✓ CloudVision (Cloud Automation and Telemetry)
✓ Cognitive WiFi
 Arista Cloud Networking Portfolio

▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
Arista is a strong player in the data center switch field, but it is a weak point because Arista does not have wireless and SD-WAN, and enterprise solution.

8. VMware

VMware is positioned as a company supporting the enterprise's server virtualization, hybrid cloud management, and PaaS. In January 2020, it acquired Nyansa, an AI-based network analysis company, Octarine, a cloud security platform company, in May, and Lastline, a cloud threat detection service, in June.
▶ Mergers and acquisitions 
List of acquisitions by VMware ( Wikipedia , VMware )  
▷ December 2019, Pivotal Software (cloud, virtualization software)  
▷ October 2019, Carbon Black (Cloud-based endpoint security)  
▷ December 2017, VeloCloud Networks (SD- WAN)  
▷ January 2014, AirWatch, Wandering WiFi (Enterprise Mobility Management, EMM)  
▷ July 2012, Nicira (SDN, VMware NSX integration)
▶ Major Products and Services
 VMware Products 
✓App Modernization: Tanzu, Pivotal
✓Private & Hybrid Cloud: VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud Director
✓HCI: vSAN, vRealize, NSX Dat Center
✓Cloud Management: vRealize Suite, vCloud Suite
✓Multi-Cloud Operations: CloudHealth, SecureState, VMware HCX, vRealize
✓Virtual Cloud Networking: NSX Cloud, NSX Data Center, NSX Distributed IDS/IPS
✓Intrinsic Security: AppDefense, SecureState, VMware Carbon Black EDR/Cloud/App Control
✓Digital Workspace: Workspace ONE
✓Desktop & App Virtualization: Horizon, NSX/vSAN for Horizon
✓Compute Virtualization: vSphere, vCenter Server/Converter, Cloud Provider Pod
✓ Storage & Availability: vSAN, VMware Site Recovery, Site Recovery Manager
✓Edge: Pulse IoT Center, VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud
✓ Telco Cloud: Uhana by VMware, Telco Cloud Platform/Automation
✓ Desktop Hypervisor: Fusion for Mac, Workstation Player/Pro
✓Emerging Technologies: Big Data, HPC, Blockchain, Learning Platform

▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
VMware announced 'VMware Tanzu,' at VMWorld 2019, which is composed of products and services that effectively support building, running, and managing Kubernetes-based software, supporting container-based integration platforms.
It also recently acquired Carbon Black and is emerging as a leader in the security market.

9. Nvidia

Nvidia has generated $1 billion in sales beyond gaming GPU vendors, as well as enterprise and hyperscale clouds. Recently, Nvidia has acquired Melanox and Cumulus to provide data center networking solutions.
 List of acquisitions by Nvidia ( Wikipedia , Nvidia ) 
▷ May 2020, Cumulus Networks (networking software)
▷ March 2019, Mellanox Technologies (InfiniBand, Ethernet Switch)

▶ Major Products and Services
✓ NVIDIA Product Families ( Wikipedia )

▶  AnalysisMan's Thought
Nvidia recently acquired even ARM and is trying to dominate the future tech ecosystem such as AI, MEC, autonomous driving, data center, and cloud, just like GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft).
The fast-growing market for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has turned into a two-team race between Dell (34% market share) and Nutanix (13%). According to Q1 numbers from IDC, the hyperconverged-systems market was up a solid 8.3% year over year.
Nutanix has 15,000 customers worldwide.
 List of acquisitions by Nutanix ( Wikipedia , Nutanix )
  August 2018, MainFrame2 (Cloud-based Windows and App Platform)
  August 2016, (DevOps Automation Platform)

▶ Major Products and Services
✓ Software: Acropolis (AOS)

✓ Hardware: Nutanix Hardware Platforms

▶ Reference links:
List of networking hardware vendors (Wikipedia)
The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking 2020 (Network World)
The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking 2021 (Network World)


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