Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Extreme - How to collect a show tech or a tech-support on Extreme products

Here are all the links on how to collect show techs or tech-supports from various Extreme Networks platforms.

  • EXOS

How to collect a show tech from an EXOS switch

Option 1: CLI
switch# show tech

Option 2: Write to file
switch# show tech all logto file
This will create the file show_tech.log.gz in /usr/local/tmp.

switch# ls ?
Execute the command
File or directory name with optional wildcards (memory card is /usr/local/ext and internal memory is /usr/local/tmp)

switch# ls /usr/local/tmp

switch# ls internal-memory
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 0 27342 Jun 14 22:14 show_tech.log.gz

In EXOS 15.4 and earlier, /usr/local/tmp was referred to as internal-memory.

switch# tftp put vr vr-default /usr/local/tmp/show_tech.log.gz

switch# upload debug vr vr-default
The above command can be used to upload this show tech along with policy files, the XML config file, and any crash dump information present on the switch to a TFTP server.

switch# copy support ftp host user ftpuser password ftppassword directory / use-vrf mgmt-vrf

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