Thursday, March 28, 2019

Extreme (Avaya) VSP Switch - How to install a license file

First, you should get a license file (*.xml extension) from the Extreme Customer Support Portal.
Please follow the steps in the link.
The XML file contains the Base MAC address of VSP Chassis as below.

You may double check the Base MAC address by CLI command 'show sys-info.'

vsp-8404c_1:1#show sys-info

General Info :

 SysDescr : VSP-8404C ( 

 SysName : vsp-8404c_1
 SysUpTime    : 0 day(s), 23:38:35
SysContact   :
SysLocation  :

Chassis Info:

Chassis : 8404C ModelName : 8404C

BrandName          : Extreme Networks.
Serial#            : 18JP4930AAAA
H/W Revision       : 12
H/W Config         :
Part Number        : EC84000X2-E6
NumSlots           : 4
NumPorts           : 57
BaseMacAddr        : 64:6a:52:e8:1c:99
MacAddrCapacity    : 1024
MgmtMacAddr        : 64:6a:52:e8:1c:88

Step 1. Copy the license file (i.e. premier.xml) into VSP Chassis via FTP
You may copy the license file via FileZilla (open source FTP software). You can simply drag and drop the xml file into the /intflash directory to the right panel from your system.

or, you may copy from the USB as below.
(config)#copy /usb/premier.xml /intflash/premier.xml
   Make sure you have the xml file in the /intflash.

vsp-8404c_1:1#ls *.xml
Listing Directory /intflash:
-rw-r--r--  1 0       0           1017 Mar 29 03:19  license_premier_646A52E81C99.xml

Step 2. Load the license file
Enter the configuration mode by 'configure terminal' and load the license file by 'load-license' command.

vsp-8404c_1:1#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

* Note:
If more than one valid .xml license file exists in the /intflash/ directory, the switch uses the license with the highest capability. It does not require a reboot. However, please do not use a minus (-) symbol in the filename like license_premier-macsec_646A52E81C99.xml.

Step 2. Verify the license

vsp-8404c_1:1#sho license

License file name : /intflash/license_premier_646A52E81C99.xml

License Type           :    PREMIER (includes Base features)
MD5 of Key             :    00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
MD5 of File            :    00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Generation Time        :    2019/03/28 18:20:45
Expiration Time        :
Base Mac Addr          :    64:6a:52:e8:1c:99
flags                  :    0x00000001 SINGLE
memo                   :

Features requiring a Premier license:
-  Layer 3 VSNs
-  MACsec
-  Distributed Virtual Routing(DvR)
-  >24 VRFs

  • 'save config' or 'write memory' CLI commands will show you the license file.
vsp-8404c_1:1#write memory
CP-1: Save config to file /intflash/config.cfg successful.
CP-1: Save license to file /intflash/license_premier_646A52E81C99.xml successful.

* Reference URL: 
How To Install a VSP License File

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