Sunday, January 6, 2008

Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) is the process of visualizing, monitoring, optimizing, troubleshooting and reporting on the service quality of your network as experienced by the customers.

▶ Factors that impact network performance

The following measures are often considered important:
• Bandwidth
Bandwidth commonly measured in bits/second is the maximum rate that information can be transferred.

• Throughput
Throughput is the actual rate that information is transferred.

• Latency
Latency is the delay between the sender and the receiver decoding it, this is mainly a function of the signals travel time, and processing time at any nodes the information traverses.

• Jitter
Jitter is a variation in packet delay at the receiver of the information.

• Error rate
Error rate is the number of corrupted bits expressed as a percentage or fraction of the total sent.

• Packet loss
Packet loss refers to the number of packets transmitted from one destination to another that fail to transmit.

▶ Performance Measurement Technologies and Telemetry

• Network monitoring protocol: SNMP, RMON
• Flow data: NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, NBAR
• Cisco: EEM, IP SLA, SA Agent
• Application: Application Performance Management (APM)

* Application Performance Monitoring Overview - Cisco (PDF)

▶ Network Monitoring Tools

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▶ Network Monitoring Vendors

• Cisco (ThousandEyes)
• ExtraHop
• Gigamon
• Riverbed: SteelCentral
• SolarWinds

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